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Replacing Power Supply

My computer won’t start

So you press the Power Button on your PC, and nothing happens. No lights, no fans, no beeps, just silence. Well the fault is more than likely very simple, and there is a high percentage likelihood that your Power Supply has died. A Power Supply can fail for a number of reasons. It may have failed […]


My computer runs for a while then shuts down

The most likely cause for this is that you have a heat related issue. This could be overheating of the CPU or a Video Card due to clogged up cooling fans, or a poorly fitted cooling fan or heat-sink. In most cases, the heat-sink gets clogged with dust, hair, fur and the like. Resolving something […]

Hard Drive Internals

I think my Hard Drive is faulty, how do I test it?

If your computer or laptop is freezing, or perhaps you are getting the dreaded “Blue Screen Of Death”, then there is the possibility that your Hard Drive is faulty. Many people who call me with a Computer Problem tell me that they have re-installed Windows, but withing a few weeks or months, their PC is […]


My computer is beeping at me

One of the most common faults that people call me about is this. The symptoms are, the computer fires up, all the lights come on, but there is nothing on the screen. This is usually accompanied with a beeping sound if there is an internal speaker. The beeping sound is an error code that tells […]