My computer is beeping at me

One of the most common faults that people call me about is this.

The symptoms are, the computer fires up, all the lights come on, but there is nothing on the screen.

This is usually accompanied with a beeping sound if there is an internal speaker.

The beeping sound is an error code that tells you one of two things.

a. there is a memory fault, or

b. there is a video fault.

Nine times out of ten there isn’t actually a fault at all, but rather it’s just a poor contact on the RAM or Video Card.

This poor contact is generally due to oxidisation on the contacts on the RAM or Video Card.

To fix the problem, remove the RAM and/or Video Card, and using a soft pencil eraser, clean the contacts until they are shiny and the tarnish has been removed.

Clean RAM contacts with pencil eraser

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