My computer won’t start

So you press the Power Button on your PC, and nothing happens. No lights, no fans, no beeps, just silence.

Well the fault is more than likely very simple, and there is a high percentage likelihood that your Power Supply has died.

A Power Supply can fail for a number of reasons.

It may have failed just because a component inside has decided it’s time, or your computer may have been subjected to a Power Surge.

If it is the latter, then there is a slight chance that other damage has been caused like damage to the Motherboard and other components, but most likely it will be limited to the Power Supply.

Replacing the Power Supply is a very simple straight forward task.

It involves disconnecting the plugs from things like hard drives and DVD drives, along with a couple of connectors on the motherboard, unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the Power Supply to the case, and then fitting a new one.

Removing screws on PC Power Supply

Removing PC Power Supply

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